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Improve your skills in Interventional pain management


Comprehensive Pain Education

In-person and live streaming

For board certified physicians who would like to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills in interventional pain management.

Komplex fájdalomterápiás képzés

Az évek óta nagy sikerrel megrendezésre kerülő Comprehensive Pain Education komplex fájdalomterápiás kurzusunk 2024 őszétől elérhető online részvétel formájában, jelentős kedvezménnyel a magyar kollégák számára.

Radiofrequency & Cryoablation Procedure online videos

Learn and review the application of Radiofrequency and Cryoablation procedures for chronic pain conditions in the framework of a structured education.

MAITT fájdalomszekció és WIP magyarországi szekció

Krónikus Fájdalom és Regionális Anesztézia Gyakorlati Kurzus 

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Upcoming courses

September 26, 2024 to
June 8, 2025
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The only structured education program for Interventional Pain Management.


Internationally renowned faculty – Learn from the best teachers in the world.


Scholarship opportunities to board certified doctors living and practicing in developing countries.

Who we are

Pain School International was created by leading pain practitioners from around the world to help fellow doctors become better skilled in interventional pain treatments.

Our courses are for board certified physicians wanting to broaden their skills and knowledge, and for doctors who would like to become a Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) and/or a Certified Interventional Ultrasound Sonographer (CIPS) issued by the World Institute of Pain (WIP).

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Comprehensive Pain Education

Improve your skills in Interventional pain management

Meet like-minded people and make friendships with doctors from all over the world

Executive fellowship style course covering a full pain curriculum

Fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided procedures
Supportive and encouraging environment
Hands-on cadaver sessions
After course support
Live patient procedure demonstrations
Internationally renowned faculty
1:6 teacher- participant ratio
Access to hundreds of pain articles and lectures


Attend our courses.

Meet the Executive Team

Agnes Stogicza


Program Director

Agnes Stogicza


Program Director

Andrea Trescot


Education Coordinator

Andrea Trescot


Education Coordinator

Edit Racz


Medical Coordinator

Edit Racz


Medical Coordinator

Ana Carolina Braz Lima


Scholarship Lead

Ana Carolina Braz Lima


Scholarship Lead


This is what our participants say about us

My gratitude towards PSI is beyond words to describe.
As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, pain is the most common patient presentation. I always feel helpless when I can`t solve patients` pain with surgery or when patients are not suitable for surgery. But no more. PSI equipped me with the knowledge and skills that bridge between non surgical vs surgical treatment, based on the latest scientific evidence.
The faculty members are not only knowledgeable and skillful, their hospitality is beyond expectation. Besides learning, we definitely have lots of fun together. Besides that, the organisers are very helpful and friendly. Without them, the course couldn't run successfully.
I had a wonderful and great time with PSI. Thank you everyone I met in PSI, the faculty members, the organisers, my fellow colleagues and friends. You guys gave me some unforgettable memories in my journey of learning pain.
I am so proud to be a PSI student.

Dr Chan WEI HENGI am so proud to be a PSI student.

Dear Teachers, Thank you for your kind guidance, support and wonderful teaching. The best ever course of my life. Hats off to you all. … Met many wonderful people here. Love you all. Hope we all will serve patients suffering from pain in a better way. Looking forward to meeting you all again in May.

Dr Shahzad AnwarFrom Pakistan Scholarship Recipient

Dear Organizers, making the decision to leave my family and take 3 planes and fly more than 24 hours was not easy….today I can say that I do not regret it. This experience has helped me to recognize that there is always a chance to learn, share experiences, all to give better alternatives for our patients. Thanks to everyone.

Dr Claudia Cruz Ayalafrom El Salvador

Great intensive course for pain procedures and FIPP exam. It is well worth. You will not only get hand skill, but also friendship and lifelong supervisors from faculty.

Dr Nuj Tontisirin, Anaesthesiologistfrom Thailand

Having training with Pain School International is an unforgettable experience. You learn from top physicians around the world, build new relationships with trainers and trainees, and have a comprehensive theoretical and cadaveric training (...) with abundant hands-on time and perfect trainee to trainer ratio. Most importantly I appreciate the continuous support with tips and advices after the course.
Pain School International is the ideal place to learn practical skills and prepare for exams like FIPP and CIPS.
They never stopped teaching even in Covid times with current outstanding state of art Radiofrequency training. Thank you PSI.

Dr Hatem Mustafa Bensasi, Consultant Anesthesiology, Tawam Hospital/ UAEfrom UAE

A friend in need is a friend in deed. When I sought to study pain medicine I approached Pain School International after watching a talk by one of the faculty. I was met with open arms and have since attended the fellowship program, along with several online courses offered by PSI. With the continued support and guidance of a competent and wonderful team, I have acquired several skills in interventional pain and feel more than ready to challenge the FIPP and CIPS exams. Thank you PSI faculty for being a friend, I am now more confident to provide care to my patients.

Dr Ronnie Kaddu Anesthesiologist and Pain Physician at The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa, KenyaI am now more confident to provide care to my patients.

I was advised to join PSI by a close friend who already got the FIPP. He told me how good the program is and how it can help me understand the academic and practical parts of interventional pain medicine. But, what really he didn’t tell me was that I will have a new family: the PSI family.
It’s a life changing experience, the days I spent in Budapest were fantastic, our tutors are very qualified, dedicated and passionate. I consult them whenever I have a new or challenging case. Because of them I had this career shift, and I feel that I am helping my patients in a better.

Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Sayed Elahlfrom Egypt

Dear ALL, congratulations for the excellent organization of the course in all aspects! We have seen all your dedication and concern so everything could run perfectly. And it did!! It was a pleasure to meet each one of you. Dear teachers, it is impressive how you make things so easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, being patient and caring about us. It was amazing to meet all of you and learn with you. I had a great time! You made it really enjoyable! Thank you all for sharing the knowledge and joy in these 4 days! I liked it very much! See you in May!!! Köszönöm

Dr Raquel Amorim Correiafrom Brazil

As soon as you join Pain School International, you become a member of the huge family. Devoted, highly experienced teachers from all over the world will take you through the secrets of pain diagnostics and management. They won't keep anything for themselves, they want you to learn and spread the knowledge so that far more pain patients will get help. Those kind people are reachable and helpful whenever you encounter difficulties or get stuck with your case, long after you graduated from Pain School International. I am so happy to have met my wonderful teachers, they opened my eyes to a completely new for me world of interventional pain management. Thank you for making us better pain doctors!

Dr Asta Sander, Senior Consultantfrom Sweden

I was a PSI student in 2018. In my career and experience I can easily say that you've been the best school I've attended so far for a number of reasons. The most important one is that you have one of the most knowledgeble, experienced, down on earth and up to date faculty I've ever come across. The scientific evidence and the practical tips coming from your faculty daily practice are pearls of wisdom for clinicians that are either starting or want to improve their pain management skills. The teaching methods are excellent for either the theoretical and the practical part. The continuous learning opportunities and the mentorship afterwards through daily contact with the faculty and peers has no price. I've learned so many things that I strongly feel I'm a better clinician now. On the human aspect I've met so many wonderful and caring people that now I feel I belong to a new family. Thank you Pain School International to take every chance to improve yourselves and us, students to treat people with pain in the best and scientific way.

Dr Piera Santullofrom UK

I am very grateful to you for arranging such a wonderful training! I`m sure there was a huge effort and attention spent to every little detail to make the course so successful. We developed better knowledge for better care and safer techniques. We enjoyed attending and learning during every moment of the course. Thanks for this great job and for being very patient with us!!!

Dr Mohammed Alsoodany, Anesthesiologistfrom Germany

Thank you for including my questions, it was very informative, helpful and practice changing webinar, Thanks for spreading knowledge and wisdom and transferring the transferable skills to the far flung districts of the world.
We appreciate your efforts, hard work and services to uplift the standard and quality of care for the people of this world. Hats off to you all.

Dr Shahid Hafeez

I have never learned so much in such a short time. The skills I acquired during the PSI courses revolutionized the scope and quality of my practice. The faculty consists of the best pain physicians in the world and all of them are very friendly and accessible. I had a privilege to learn from pain medicine legends like Andrea Trescot. The courses mostly focused on clinical procedure skills - the groups are small and everyone can practice. The people who organize the events, especially Agnes Stogicza put a lot of effort and their hearts to the job. It creates a great environment in which we all feel like one family focused on advancing pain medicine and helping one another.
I am sure that PSI will leave a great and long lasting legacy of educating doctors and improving lives of their patients.

Dr Andrzej Kroszczyńskifrom Poland

I am so thankful how you and your course changed my life!

Dr Nicole Porzfrom Switzerland

I think the best thing that`s happened to me in my life was participating at the Comprehensive Pain Education at Pain School International. I am not the same person that went to the program 3 years ago.
I remember very well how I hesitated, a lot of issues went through my mind like my age, traveling that far 49 years old leaving my kids and my family, and I asked myself: is it worth it. All these voices were fighting in my head. Yet I made the decision to go... Andrea was the first face I saw, very lovely, and patiently guiding us. Agi (Agnes Stogicza), the beautiful, strong, and confident lecturer took the lead to go deep day after day from fluoroscopy to ultrasound. Every day you meet a new key person specialized in pain. Every day you learn a new idea, and a new solution from the best of the best in pain management from the US, UK, CANADA, HUNGARY, SPAIN, BRAZIL etc. It is an international faculty of professors and real leaders. I found myself in an amazing family sharing experience, knowledge, and love. When we couldn`t attend due to the Covid pandemic I was so sad because I could not see my new family. It really is a dream to learn from all of you, I enjoyed every moment of the course. The teachers have become not only my friends but also my family.
My way of thinking is now different, I am more confident, I don`t worry to go through any procedure because I`m trained very well by this great faculty, and I have also a great back up by our WhatsApp group where we share difficult cases.
It was an amazing experience; I wish I could go back again and again. You can see our photos how we learned, played, danced, and even paddled in the river, not to mention the beautiful dinner we had at Agi`s.
But most importantly we returned to our country, to our patients with advanced skills and knowledge, and a wonderful experience, and we are now able to manage our patients` pain and inspire them with the memories we have, to guide them to happiness and hope in live.
I love my new family at Pain School International
I am proud to be a member of Pain School International.

Abeer Sheriffrom UAE

Dear faculty, dear colleagues, thank you for the wonderful experience to learn from and with you, I did not expect to get a family around the world! Thank you for the wonderful time and atmosphere in this course, the good organization, the amazing teachers and the always friendly supporting people talking care about us. I learned so much and will keep great memories. Looking forward to see you again! Let’s keep the PSI spirit alive!

Dr Karin Brücknerfrom Switzerland

Thank you to the organizers, the instructors, and my international colleagues. It has been an unforgettable experience. I hope all the knowledge shared will be beneficial. Looking forward to meeting again.

Dr Azam Ithninfrom Kuala Lumpur

Great PSI course. Thanks a million for the sharing, new knowledge, and tips+experiences to all lecturers, faculty members, participants and organizers. Beautiful Budapest city and memories. All the best for those taking exams in August. Safe journeys.

Mohd Nazlee Bin Sabranfrom Malaysia

I would like to express my utmost appreciation for the outstanding course that is worthy of every penny and deserves every minute spent here in the beautiful city of Budapest. The material, faculty, colleagues, and the people of Hungary were all amazing. Sincerely thank you.

Dr Mubarak Ali Algahtany

Thank you for all the amazing knowledge you gave us, patience and kindness another way to advance. Thanks for all the amazing colleagues that were around, and thanks for leaving some trace yesterday giving all what you had to raise up the group! Let us keep in touch may be for sometime Budapest sightseeing and cover session could be a good opportunity to mix pleasure and work 🥰

Dr Veronique Laviellefrom Belgium


Education materials

We provide a range of education materials to help candidates prepare for our courses. These articles and studies are available for our participants only, and they can be accessed with a password.