“Dear Organizers, making the decision to leave my family and take 3 planes and fly more than 24 hours was not easy….today I can say that I do not regret it. This experience has helped me to recognize that there is always a chance to learn, share experiences, all to give better alternatives for our patients. Thanks to everyone. “


“Dear Teachers, Thank you for your kind guidance, support and wonderful teaching. The best ever course of my life. Hats off to you all. … Met many wonderful people here. Love you all. Hope we all will serve patients suffering from pain in a better way. Looking forward to meeting you all again in May.”


“Great intensive course for pain procedures and FIPP exam. It is well worth. You will not only get hand skill, but also friendship and lifelong supervisors from faculty”.


“Dear ALL, congratulations for the excellent organization of the course in all aspects! We have seen all your dedication and concern so everything could run perfectly. And it did!! It was a pleasure to meet each one of you. Dear teachers, it is impressive how you make things so easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, being patient and caring about us. It was amazing to meet all of you and learn with you. I had a great time! You made it really enjoyable! Thank you all for sharing the knowledge and joy in these 4 days! I liked it very much! See you in May!!! Köszönöm”


“It is rare to find three generation of instructors on one single platform, who have a cumulative experience of five decades and have contributed in the evolution of pain medicine. As a rehabilitation physician, I found these courses at the ideal nexus of pain management and disability care. An exceptional platform for fine tuning your skills in fluoroscopic procedures with special emphasis on ultrasound guided techniques by a mix of experts from various backgrounds. It gives an excellent opportunity to pick up and integrate the skills relevant to your practice, which has indeed helped me improve care for my patients. In between the courses, one gets a chance to share feed backs, opinions and obtain help from the mentors. The drop box was frequently updated. My interest in ultrasound also grew stronger as well. The lectures are up to date which are merged with personal experiences of trainers. Since the structure includes many live demonstrations followed by full day cadaver workshops on ultrasound and fluoroscopy, it provides an ample experience to go through various skill sets. The best part is the passion, commitment and energy of instructors. Lab is awesome and program is well organized. Won’t miss the opportunity of visiting Budapest.”


“If you are an active practitioner and you also have family and a social life but you wish to master a new complex specialty like interventional pain management you will face the challenge of choosing the best educational program for yourself. You will search for both good quality training and international certification of your new skills.
One year fellowship programs are available in some parts of the world, but is hard to be accepted and to be involved more than “visiting” if you do not have working privileges in that country. Plus you will have to leave your current projects, your job, your family, your whole life for one year… Attending workshops around the world is another possibility but when you will look through the curricula you will notice that they are only covering parts of this beautiful specialty. When you will start to count the costs needed to master all the procedures by attending multiple workshops, the result will be more than disappointing.
PSI is the perfect solution for these problems: you get a full year fellowship curriculum, available to you by leaving home only weekends, with the perfect international faculty – who became your life-time mentors, advisers and friends. You will get state of the art lectures, VIP workshops with unbelievable trainer-trainee ratio and more than sufficient time to practice all the procedures according to your needs. You also get live demonstrations of the procedures performed by highly experienced and skilled practitioners, and their full support after courses to help you get the best decisions for your patients. At the end of the program you will master fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided procedures. You will also be trained how to examine patients with pain and how to choose the right procedures for them. Sounds like a dream, but is true.
For me PSI was the perfect opportunity to master all the skills required to practice interventional pain, from clinical evaluation and a “simple” steroid infiltration to complex procedures like SCS or kyphoplasty.”