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Dr. Ricardo Plancarte Sánchez is a highly distinguished medical professional, with extensive experience and expertise in the field of anesthesiology and pain medicine. He obtained his degree in anesthesiology from the Universidad Autónoma de México and went on to earn his PhD in clinical research with a focus on visceral pain, bone pain, and cancer pain, from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico, with an honorific mention.

Dr. Plancarte Sánchez is the chair and founder of the Pain Medicine Department at the National Cancer Institute in Mexico, where he has made significant contributions to the field of pain medicine. He has also held several prestigious positions in the past, including Chief of the Anesthesiology Department and Intensive Care Unit of the National Cancer Institute, Co-Founder of the IASP chapter in Mexico (AMETD), Co-Founder of the Latin American Academy of Interventional Pain Medicine (ALMID), and Past-President of the National Anesthesiology College and IASP chapter in Mexico (AMETD). He has also served as a member of the director board of the World Institute of Pain (WIP).

Dr. Plancarte Sánchez is a highly respected member of the medical community, and he has received several honorary charges and memberships, including Counseler of Health Medicine Minister in Pain Medicine and Palliative Care, Honorary Member of the National Medicine Academy, Honorary Member of the Mexican Academy of Surgery, and Director of the Latin American Chapter of the World Institute of Pain (WIP).

Dr. Plancarte Sánchez has made significant contributions to the field of pain medicine, including the development of four sympathetic chain block techniques and two augmentation techniques. He is a prolific writer and editor, having published 11 books and written 86 chapters on anesthesiology, pain medicine, and palliative care. He has also published over 102 articles in prestigious journals.

Dr. Plancarte Sánchez is highly regarded for his academic work and is a professor of Pain Medicine Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute. He is also a professor of Pain and Palliative Medicine course in the Medicine School at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, and he is the main creator of the programs of Pain Medicine fellowship and course for undergraduate students of Pain Medicine at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México. Dr. Plancarte Sánchez is currently the Editor in Chief of 11 books in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine, and Palliative Care.