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Dr Demartini specialized in Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Pavia University in 1991, and in Pain Physiopathology and Therapy at Verona University in 1995. She followed courses on Traditional Chinese medicine in Italy, Sri Lanka and China, and did her FIPP diploma in 2018. From 1989 to 1996 Dr Demartini worked in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Service at Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia. After that she worked in the Pain Unit of Fondazione Maugeri in Pavia where she contributed to the development of the techniques of spinal pharmacological modulation for patients with pain and spasticity and neurostimulation. She was invited to European expert boards on these techniques. In 2009 she organized the Italian edition of ”Intrathecal EFIC Masterclass”.
She has been the Chief of the Pain Unit of Fondazione Maugeri in Pavia (now ICSMaugeri, SpA, SB) since 2012. She has also been lecturing at postgraduate courses on Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Bologna University with a course on Pain Physiopathology and Therapy since 2011, and at Milan University on the same topic since 2018.
Dr Demartini is member of the Directive Board of the Society Federdolore/SICD. She speaks at may Italian congresses and courses as also teaches at Pain School International in Budapest.  She published more than 50 studies and translated some chapters of books on Pain Physiopathology and Therapy.