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Dr Episkopou has been working as Anesthesiologist for the last 16 years at Metropolitan Hospital in Athens. As a senior member of an anesthesiologist team she performs an average of 100 operations for ENT, Urological robotic, General laparoscopic surgery, obesity, arthroscopic orthopedic surgeries, spinal cord surgeries, and Brachytherapy for cervical, prostate, breast and upper airway cancer per month. She is also experienced in child anesthesia especially for autistic children.

The last five years Dr Episkopou has been practicing chronic pain management for cancer and non cancer patients. She attended several workshops in London, Germany (ESRA anatomy department ) Denmark and Barcelona for pain management neuromodulation, spinal cord stimulation and ultrasound guided blocks for pain management. In 2019 she was Certified as Interventional Pain Sonologist CIPS. Dr Episkopou has ALS, PALS, ATLS, PHTLS certificates and she is an ALS instructor and PALS national director.