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Dr Robert Rapcan

Robert Rapcan


Dr Rapcan currently works at EuroPainClinics / Norrlands University Hospital, Sweden EuroPainClinics (EPC). It is an independent healthcare network clinic with a first-class record of achieving quality, innovation and efficiency in providing interventional pain healthcare to patients. Our Clinical Advisory Board consists of five members – Theodor Gorozseniuk, Andrzej Kroll, Ash Shetty, Arun Bhaskar and Sherdil Nath. Clinics are located in Slovakia (Bardejov, Kosice, Bratislava) and Czech Republic (Prague, Hradec Kralove, Ostrava and Brno). EPC provides specialised interventional pain diagnostic/ treatment services and movement impairment diagnostics and treatments. At EuroPainClinics he performs all mini – invasive spine procedures including epiduroscopies and advanced endoscopic procedures (discectomy, facet and SI joint denervation). In collaboration with University Hospital Bratislava, Neurosurgical Clinic, he also provides complex neuromodulation care, including implantations of spinal cord stimulators for not only FBSS but also for pelvic, abdominal pain and headaches.

Dr Rapcan is also teaches endoscopic procedures for MaxMore company (Germany) and neuromodulation for Medtronic (USA). Eight weeks a year he works at the Norland University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden in a position of Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Pain Medicine.