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Comprehensive Pain Education 2022-23

2022-23 All Courses Reading/Watching Requirements

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PSI Reading Requirements


Interventional Techniques in Chronic  Non-Spinal Pain Dr Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Dr Vijay Singh

Ultrasound for Interventional Pain Management


Ultrasound of the Musculosceletal System


MSK Exam – Malanga


Chronic Non-SpinalPain

Regional Nerve Blocks in Anesthesia and Pain Therapy

Medical Radiology _ Diagnostic Imaging – Spinal Imaging Diagnostic Imaging of the Spine and Spinal Cord

VIDEOS – Course 1

Radiation safety by Dr Thais Vanetti

Multimodel analgesia by Dr Athmaja Thottungal

US basics, diagnostics and more by Dr Agnes Stogicza

Principles of Radiofrequency by Dr Harold Cordner

Discogenic Low Back Pain by Dr Liong Liem

Antithrombotic therapy-main considerations by Dr Andre Mansano

Review of the US anatomy and procedures of the head and cervical spine by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

Review of the US anatomy and procedures of the thoracic spine by Dr. Andrea Trescot

Shoulder cryoablation by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

Shoulder denervation by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

VIDEOS – Course 2

Diagnostic blocks by Dr. Thais Vanetti

Cervical Spine Sonoanatomy and Procedures by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

Cervical Anatomy and Fluoro-anatomy, Focus on Safety by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

Thoracic Spine Sonoanatomy and Procedures by Dr. Andrea Trescot

Ultrasound of the Shoulder (part I) by the French Society of Musculoskeletal Imaging

Ultrasound of the Shoulder (part II) by the French Society of Musculoskeletal Imaging

Chest Wall Pain by Dr. Laura Demartini

Opioids Pharmacology, Interactions and Side Effects by Dr. Andrea Trescot

Web based T2,3 Stellate by Dr. Agnes Stogicza

The Role of Imaging in C Spine, Practical Guide by Dr. Hamza Lari

Sympathetic Blocks 1 – Overview, Stellate, T23, Lumbar by Dr. Miles Day

VIDEOS – Course 3

Pterygopalatine anatomy (from the YouTube channel of Muhammad Ammoush)

Diagnostic Approach to the Shoulder Joint by Dr. Jennifer Hah

Principles of Neuromodulation by Dr. Maria Luz Padilla de Rey

Principles of Cryoneuroablation by Dr. Andrea Trescot

Pharmacology of Psychotherapeutic and Adjuvant Drugs in Pain Management by Dr. Andrea Trescot

Diagnostic Approach to Spinal Fractures Before Vertebroplasty by Dr. Santiago Hem

Physical exam of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joint, focus on differential diagnosis by Dr. Mark Friedrich B. Hurdle


VIDEOS – Course 4

Epidural Lysis June 2023 Javier De Andrés Ares

Spinal Cord Stimulation – Miles Day

Urine Drug Testing – Miles Day

Steroids – Harold Cordner

Pelvic Pain Entrapment Nerves – Alexandra Raffaini

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain – Andrea Trescot

Percutaneous Image-Guided Lumbar Decompression – Jesse Lipnick


FIPP Exam Info Bulletin

CIPS Exam Info Bulletin


Epidurals and Epidurolysis – Stogicza

Epidurals of the Lumbar Spine – Macrea

Hip Pain Pathologies, Diagnosis and Treatment – Reddy

Injection Complications – Trescot

Interventions for Pain in Cancer Patients – Bhaskar

Knee Pathologies Diagnosis and Treatment – Silva

Lumbar Facet Pain – Silva

Lumbar Medial Branch Block – Reddy

Pseudosciatica – Trescot

Pseudosciatica Diagnosis and Treatment – Trescot-Porz

Sacroiliac Joint Pain – Kumar

Sympathetic Plexus Block – Kumar

Transformed Neurosurgeons View – Porz


Alugo – Elbow, Wrist Sonoanatomy

Anderson-Jones – Cervical Epiduroplasty

Day – Splanchnic, Celiac, and Ganglion Impar Blocks

Kinne – BMAC Applications

Reddy – Shoulder US Procedures

Rohof – PRF DRG

Stogicza – Biotensegrity in RM

Stogicza – Evidence RegMed

Thottungal – Cervical Facet Joint Pain

Trescot – Diagnostic Evaluation of Neck and Arm Pain

Trescot – Introduction to Regenerative Medicine

Yeatman – Vertebral Augmentation


Shoulder denervation – Agnes Stogicza

RFA denervation of the hip joint – Mark Hurdle

Revision spine surgery or Neuromodulation – Laszlo Entz

Advanced Pain Life Support(APLS) – Trescot-Stogicza

Trigeminal neuralgia – Andre Mansano

Facial pain Sphenopalatine – Manuel Herrero

US of the head, face peripheral nerves – Andre Mansano

Intrathecal Pumps – ML Padilla

Denervation of the Knee Joint – Jennifer Hah

Cordotomy – Liong Liem

Abdominal Pains – Arun Bhaskar

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation 2023 – Andrea Trescot

Osteoplasties, Femoroplasty and more – Ricardo Plancarte

Postherpetic Neuralgia – Yehia Kamel

ARTICLES – Course 2